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Academic Articles

"Sunday Morning" and "Sunday Morning"

Stevens' Mother and "Sunday Morning"

"Vein of Fire": Relationships Among Lawrence's Pansies

T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and Dante's Divine Comedy

From Society to Self: Ginsberg's Inward Turn in Mind Breaths

Translating Bukowski and the Beats: An Interview with Carl Weissner

Contemporary Novelists: Bukowski

Charles Bukowski's West German Connection (Los Angeles Times article)

Bukowski's Letters to Douglas Goodwin

Technology Articles (Small Sampling)

Note: Web links are constantly changing, so some of the links below may no longer be valid. I'm working on scanning some of my articles and hosting them locally.

Understanding Intel's new technologies

Windows 7's hidden gems

How to keep your Windows PC up to speed

Finding what you need on Twitter

Office 2010: Did Microsoft get it right?

Net tools to help you record history

The hidden costs of Apple's iPad

What to avoid when buying a notebook

Using shortcuts in Windows 7

A 2009 tech wish list

Smartphone apps that can save you money

Security solutions on the cheap

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

DSLR trends

Dealing with dust  in DLSRs

Slowing U.S. technology market has workers scrambling

Tech sector expected to slowly recover

Existen otros navegadores

Google Voice: The next killer app?

Cómo vender en eBay como un profesional

Office 2010: Did Microsoft get it right?

DSLR trends

Chrome: All you need to know

Windows 7's hidden gems

Windows 7 tips and tricks

Tech surprises in store for 2011

Tech resolutions for 2011

Picture made perfect

Understanding Windows Home Server

Net tools to help you record history

Tech sector expected to recover slowly

From the ashes: Internet business that work

As good as the eye can see

Lo que viene en 2009: Tecnología ‘anticrisis’

Detecting spyware

Haitian crisis

Taking better candids with your digital camera

Web annoyances and how to deal with them

Buying an energy efficient PC

Speed up Vista

Errores fatales en el uso del correo electrónico

A first aid kit for when your computer crashes

Tech predictions 2004

Cómo mejorar el rendimiento del Windows Vista

Internet search engines for kids

Microsoft-Yahoo: Why the takeover makes sense

Configuring a new notebook

Windows 7′s Hidden gems

Tech  predictions for 2010

Tech gifts for a frugal holiday season

Technology gifts for the holidays

The best Google tools you never use

Windows 7′s hidden gems

Windows 7: More hidden features

32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7?

From  XP to Windows 7

Customizing Windows 7

Preparing your computer for Windows 7

What’s new in  Windows 7

Undiscovered tech products of 2009

Buying a new Windows 7 computer

Getting  more out of your smartphone

What you need in a digital camera

Why does Windows get slower  over time?

What’s new in Internet Explorer 8?

On the road with your notebook

Picture made perfect

Kid-friendly searching

What  to look for in a new notebook

Keeping junk mail out of your inbox

Fighting spam and Internet scams

Choose your backup strategy

The 64-bit question

Getting the most out of Twitter

Planning for obsolescence

Getting your tech toys ready for vacation

Vacation planning online

Take  charge of your computer’s device drivers

Going green

Audio books bring reading back to the masses

Deciphering digital camera jargon

Security solutions on the cheap

Shooting snow and sun with your digital camera

In U.S.  elections, Internet wins

Power of Internet charted Obama’s landslide victory

Are you ready for SSDs?

Prepare for disaster: Assembling a PC first-aid kit

USB 3.0: What’s in store?

Data to go: Options for hauling lots of files

Open  source software: An all-star lineup

Gearing up for Skype

Google: Tips and tricks

Google’s  Chrome charts new territory

Chrome: All you need to know

Computer helper: How to  detect signs of spyware

What to look  for in a photo printer

Free tools for digital photographers

Understanding Vista’s Windows experience index

Troubleshooting Vista

Windows Vista’s nasty  surprises

Data to go

Quad core questions

Backing up your e-mail

Troubleshooting e-mail

Keeping junk out of your inbox

Take better candids with your digital camera

Vista secrets

Final grade for Windows Vista:  Needs improvement

Should you have a blog of your own?

Where to  find device drivers

Free tools for digital photographers

Hi-tech gift ideas

Space-saving desktops

The smart way to accessorize your cell phone

Technology wish list 2007 2006

Computer upgrades that make sense

What you need to know  about Chrome

Recover damaged data

Restarting your PC

Technologies that don’t  disappoint

What you must do before you  abandon your PC

Great digital cameras for less: What to look for in a used DSLR

Print digita photos at home–cheaply

Latest digital cameras focus on ease of use

E-mail etiquette: A matter of survival

Keep your PC trouble-free

Revisiting Windows Vista

What you need to know  about viruses

What to look for in a new notebook

How to buy an energy-efficient PC

Microsoft-Yahoo: Surprise takeover makes sense

“Blended threat” computer  viruses

Password managers: Your key to safe surfing

Unravelling error  messages

Keyboard trouble

What to do before  abandoning your computer

Keep your PC trouble free

How to buy a USB flash drive

Technologies that don’t  disappoint

Kid-friendly Web surfing

Free Windows utilities put you back in control

What to look for in a digital voice recorder

Assembling a first-aid kit for your PC

Google Earth opens up a world of discovery

Metasearch engines: A smarter way to search?

Beyond Bing: Specialized search engines have plenty to offer

The downside of free software

What you need in a digital camera

Getting serious about solid state drives

Making the best of an old PC

How  to recycle your PC

Technical Writing

Software AG's EntireX (authored sections on installation, administration, and features)

Fannie Mae: eCommitONE and eCommitting, SURF Job Aids, and Underwriting Manufactured Homes presentation (voice over).

Many other samples available. Please inquire.

Publishing Ventures

Creator of PhotoCamel, one of the Web's largest communities of professional and enthusiast photographers. Sold in 2013.

Creator of PoetryCircle, which, under my direction, became the Web's most most active forum for poets. Sold in 2017.

Editor and publisher of Clock Radio (1984-87) literary magazine. Sample issues:

Editor and publisher of Ten Million Flies Can't Be Wrong (broadside series)

Editor and publisher of Clock Radio Press (1984-87). Chapbooks published include


Bukowski and the Germans: Excerpts from an Interview with Carl Weissner

Easing the Monsters: An Interview with Charles Bukowski

An Interview with Charles Bukowski

Interview with John Yamrus

Interview with Desiree Wright

Interview with Lyn Lifshin

Breathing Poems: An Interview with Lyn Lifshin (manuscript)

Translating Bukowski and the Beats

Deutsch von Carl Weissner, an interview

Interview with Charles Bukowski: Germany, Weissner, and Letter Writing, unpublished manuscript (c) Jay Dougherty

Creative Writing Samples

coveringdeertrackswithwords, chapbook, concrete and experimental poetry

"pollock," concrete poem, in Chicago Sheet